Welcome to QBC Ltd

Welcome to the new QBC website. It’s part of our great new start to 2011. Our management team who have been together for 14 years and have between them over 100 years of experience, decided early this year that potential commercial and domestic clients needed to have the confidence in the business that our current clients possess.

The T.H.I.R.D way is our way of promising new clients that we will work with them to produce excellent results in such a way that they will become our most influential salesman (80% of our work comes from repeat business, long term contracts and recommendations)

We hope that as our website develops we will make it exciting, informative and entertaining. However, in the meantime the only way to get a real feel for any business is to meet the people and discuss your project.

Browse the website by all means but contact us, talk to us; contact our referees and talk to them. Discuss the contract with us, ensure your are completely happy with every aspect of your project. Then and only then can we go ahead and make your plans a reality.

Does Experience Matter?

It certainly does especially in the construction industry. Whilst rules, regulations and specifications are constantly changing nothing matters more than experience.

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Ask these questions and make sure you are given the answers that make you happy and confident when selecting the right building contractor for you.

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Here are some examples of our previous work, so that you can see for yourself the quality of our work

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